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Booking during covid

please review our client requirements

before booking an appointment

clients must wear a mask at all times when inside the salon.

if needed, we can provide a mask.

please do not book within 10 days of:

- testing positive for covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting symptoms or not following guidelines.

clients must self-screen for signs & symptoms

of covid before arriving at the salon:

  • cough

  • shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

  • fever

  • chills

  • muscle or body aches

  • sore throat

  • new loss of taste or smell

  • other less common symptoms: nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

clients must come alone or with another scheduled guest. guests who are not receiving services will not be allowed.

all clients must stay masked for the duration of their service, except to actively drink.  

clients may not eat (NO food) during your visit, drinks are OK in closed bottles/containers.

No children allowed  (<12 years of age). 

clients must wash their hands upon entering the salon.

our practice

all salon staff are required to be fully vaccinated.

 masks are required to be worn at all times in the nail studio,

services are socially distanced as much as possible.

high touch surfaces (door knobs, handles, and nail polish bottles) are disinfected after each use.

manicure and pedicure stations are clean and disinfected per usual, in accordance with DOL requirements.

if staff exhibits any signs/symptoms of covid-19 and/or test positive they will not work for 5 days,

and clients will be notified.

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